How do I get started with AWS free tier Step-by-Step

Amazon Web Services is a remote cloud computing technologies offering IT infrastructure services which replace capital investment of hardware for companies at low-cost which is pay-as-you-go pricing.

If I tell you that all start-ups moving to AWS, it won’t be bad start. Perhaps Amazon web services are most popular in cloud computing technologies. AWS was the first guys to come with cloud technologies back in 2006.

Check this latest report from Gartner 2014 Lets not getting into more of Amazon Web Services growth for now as you all know the fact.


Source: AWS Gartner

Let us now discuss some simple steps to create AWS account for free tier usage.

Go to

click on  “Create a Free Account” as shown in below figure.



Now enter your login credentials like desired email address & select the “I am a new user” then click on “sign in using our secure server”



Now enter your contact information & click “Create Account and Continue”  (information typed is example)


Enter your payment information & proceed further, they might deduct one dollar for confirming valid users. (for me I got it for free) 


Once payment information is given we you will sent a link for confirmation & start using it.

AWS Management Console

Congratulation! You can now use Amazon Web Services for free.

For more information on FREE TIER and Terms read the below link.