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My name is Balaram R, and I’m a employee for multinational semiconductor company.

Prior to that, I happen to be something of an adrenaline junkie. I ardently pursue the hobby of Drawing & Painting – specifically Spiritual and I also do Water-paint, Oil painting and spelunker on occasion.

I love listening to Music when I feel alone here is some collection of Music Lyrics

I love k I D S b’cos they play the “Game of L I F E” without Fear. I spend lot of my time with Computer other than Friends.

All about me, me, me™: My psychological profile (I’m an E/INTJ), Interests, Music, and more Well, that’s about it! If you have any comments, questions, downloads, bouquets, a cool idea to share or just sweet nothings, do write! Mail Me

Please note that I get a lot of mail, so I may not reply immediately. Google+